What is Zestful?

It's the world's best perk and reward program that gives you allowances and rewards to spend on all your favorite products and services. Be it your favorite gym, streaming service or local coffee shop - we got it for you.

1. A company sets a monthly spending allowance, or gives rewards

When a company signs up, the first thing they are asked to do is set a monthly spending allowance for their team. This is the amount of money that an individual team member will be able to spend throughout the month (e.g. $50). If employees receive rewards in Zestful, that balance is available until spent.

2. All team members receive a Zestful perk card

These cards work just like any regular debit card except they can only be used on products allowed by the allowances created in Zestful, and only up to the spending limit set as well. When you receive a card in the mail, first thing to do is to activate the card online by logging in. While you wait, feel free to use your Virtual Card as soon as you have a Zestful balance!

3. Happy Spending!

Check out your Zestful balance to see where and how much you can spend through your perk card. Buy a cup of coffee, pay for a gym membership, whatever your admin allows!


Check out the overview video on our main webpage or browse our features for more information.

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