In your Zestful account you receive two cards that you can use your Zestful balances with: A Virtual Card and Physical Card.

Zestful Physical Card

The Physical card will be mailed directly to the address you or your company provides upon sign up, and typically arrives within 7-10 days. Once you receive it, you can immediately activate it and begin to use it both offline (in real life, like coffee shops) or online.

Zestful Virtual Card

You also receive a virtual card that you can start using immediately within your Zestful account (before your physical card arrives). To view this card number simply:

  • Click on the "My Cards" link from the left navigation.

  • Click "Click to Reveal Card Info".

  • Enter your Zestful password.

  • Bingo! You'll now see your Zestful virtual card number and use it anywhere you like.

The virtual card can be used online, or anywhere else where you can simply provide a card number (like over the phone).

Zestful Card FAQs

Do both Zestful cards pull from the same balance?

Yes! Use either card interchangeably, as both will pull from the same balance in your account. You'll also be able to see which card was used on each transactions from your Transactions page.

What is my Billing Address?

The billing address for both cards will be displayed both on the Zestful Cards modal (When you click on "My Cards" link on the side navigation), as well as within your Settings page.

I haven't received my Zestful card...

No worries - Shoot us a message at or use the chat on the bottom right and we can take a look!

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