You can add funds from a personal funding source to cover purchases that may be larger than balances given to you by your company, or to simply purchase a product/service not available from a company balance.

There are two ways to quickly deposit your own funds into Zestful:

1) From your balance details dropdown, click Add Funds at the top, or Deposit Funds in your Any Product breakdown:

2) If you click on your profile image on the top right navigation, you can open the My Settings page. From here, you have the ability to Add to Available Balance

You can establish a recurring deposit into Zestful (to cover subscriptions or recurring expenses), or simply add a one-time amount. Once you link a bank account, just click Deposit Balance!

Important things to note: 

  • You can only deposit up to $300 for any given deposit.
  • We currently only allow the ability to connect a bank account for personal deposits, not credit or debit cards.
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