To invite a team member or employee to Zestful, you will want to head to the People tab via the administrator links on the top of the Zestful web page. Only administrators can send invites for Zestful.

Note: You can invite employees into Zestful during the onboarding process, prior to activating your account, or even after the account is activated.

There are a couple of ways you can invite employees into Zestful.

Invite Via Email

You can manually add email addresses into Zestful to send invitations to specific employees. Once you add an email address, or multiple, and hit Invite Employees, Zestful email invitations will be sent to those individuals. You can also add an individual to a team directly from the email invite screen!

Upload CSV

If you have a large list of employees that you need to invite, you can use a CSV file upload to send a large list of invites at once. 

First, prepare your file outside of Zestful. You can download a template from the CSV upload screen so that you understand the format we are looking for. Please note, the CSV file being uploaded needs to match the template exactly, including the order of the columns and the header row. Some columns are optional, however. 

Once your file is complete, upload the file. Zestful will display any rows that generated errors for your review. We will also show a preview screen of the first 5 rows, so you can confirm that the results are as expected. Click Confirm Upload to finish the invite process and send the email invites to the employees in the list!

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