You have the ability to customize aspects of the Zestful site to better reflect your brand. Specifically, you can:

  • Change the primary color of the site

  • Change the Zestful logo on the top left to be your own

Change website color

Head to the Settings page via your Admin links. From here, you can change your website color. Select from our pre-configured list of colors, or enter your own HEX color to better match your brand! Be careful, as not all custom colors are going to be a good fit for a website.

In the same Company Settings page, you have the ability to upload your own logo. This logo will display on the top left of the website, and be the home page shortcut similar to the current Zestful logo. 

Note: For the logo to fit perfectly, it is required to be a 1:1 WxH ratio, similar to a social media logo shape.

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