In order to activate your Zestful account, there is particular information we will need regarding the business you operate under. This information is necessary to verify your identity and ensure good intentions in using the Zestful platform.

Why we need this information

Zestful manages the perks of many companies, and thus the funding of these perks. Due to the financial nature of our platform, we take security very seriously; and so do our financial partners when processing payments and fund transfers. We gather this information to ensure every company and user within our platform is using Zestful appropriately.

Information we need from you

Company Information

  • Legal business name

  • Name(s) doing business as (if applicable)

  • Business website url

  • Business EIN (employer identification number)

  • Business address

  • Business phone number

Management and Ownership

This information will be asked of the individual creating the Zestful account on behalf of the company, NOT every employee.

  • Job Title

  • Email address

  • Date of birth

  • Home address

  • Phone number

  • Last 4 of SSN (Social Security Number)

  • Whether you are a 25% owner of the business.

  • Whether anyone in your organization is a 25% owner of the business. If so, their name(s) will need to be listed.

Funding Information

Zestful requires a bank account or credit/debit card to be attached to an account for the purposes of funding employee perks/rewards, and to pay for Zestful subscription fees.

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