In order to fund your employee's allowances or rewards, every company is required to maintain a Current Balance in Zestful. At no point are funds actually transferred to individual employee "accounts" within Zestful. Rather, all funds are maintained in one company balance. The company current balance is where funds are pulled any time an employee makes a purchase. 

Funding your Zestful company balance

During onboarding, you will be asked to attach a funding source to your Zestful account. This funding source can be one of the following: 

  • Bank account

  • Credit/debit card (3% credit card fee) 

To add additional funds into Zestful, you can set up a recurring deposit, or deposit funds one-time, directly from the company settings page:

Zestful company balance overview

To understand how Zestful maintains a minimum balance in your company account, and will automatically pull funds from your funding source if low, please check out our article regarding your company balance overview.

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