Zestful allows you to upload a large list of rewards at once via CSV upload, instead of entering a list of instant rewards one at a time.

To do this, head to the primary Rewards tab in your admin navigation bar. Then, click the New Reward button on the top right. Select the Multiple Rewards option:


Prepare your file:

The CSV file must contain a header, and has 2 required columns:

  1. Email

  2. Reward Amount

You also have the ability to populate two additional fields that are useful when sending a reward to a new employee who doesn't have an account yet (i.e. this reward will also be their invitation to Zestful):

  1. Custom Field (see more about custom fields here)

  2. Team Name - If you would like to add them to a team immediately

Once you finalize your file, upload via the Upload CSV button. Then, fill in the remaining fields in the rewards section and click Send Reward(s) when finished!

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