Give your team the perk of giving to each other! Peer to Peer programs allow you to set an amount (on a recurring basis) that your employees can use to give rewards to other members of their team, or the entire company.

To create a Peer To Peer program, head to the Programs tab in your Admin navigation bar:

Here you will see a list of all active programs. You can create a new program by clicking the Create New Program button on the top right

You have the ability to choose from a list of popular perk programs via the Most Popular tab, or you can Create From Scratch

When creating from scratch, click Peer to Peer from the program type selection screen. Then you will see a list of fields to populate in order to create your program:

  1. Enter a Name for the program (i.e. Team Shout Outs!)

  2. For Balance Cadence, choose how often the amount (above) will reset (i.e. $20 every Month)

  3. Set the Amount that each member can give to each other

  4. Invite the specific teams you would like to include in this program. These are the employees who will be able to give a reward to others!

  5. Choose who these members can give rewards to (i.e their own team, or everyone in the company)

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