Zestful allows you to give rewards manually for any reason. Unlike automated rewards, a spot reward can be given by an admin at any time for whatever reason - no strings attached.

To give a reward, click the Rewards tab in the admin links navigation.

The main Rewards page will show rewards that have previously been given. From here, you can click the New Reward button to create a new reward.

To simply give a reward to one (or a few) employee(s), click the One-time reward option. If you want to mass upload a CSV with a list of rewards, check out this article here.

You will see a list of fields to populate in order to create your program:

  1. Set the Amount that you want to give

  2. Choose who you want to give the reward to

  3. Write a message and even customize the subject line, add images, or GIF's

  4. When finished, click Send Reward

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