If you have a Peer to Peer balance to give in the form of rewards to others, you will see a separate balance (or multiple) on the top right of your screen - this balance is separate from your personal balance and can't be spent by you. The name of the balance will be the name of the Peer to Peer program.

Clicking that balance will bring you to the main reward-giving pop up. You will see your Peer to Peer programs listed on this screen. Click on one to open the reward giving steps.

Note: Only admins will see the One-time reward and Multiple rewards option.

From here you can see how much you have left to give through this program, and you can create a reward up to this amount. 

Fill in the remaining fields:

  1. How much you want to give

  2. Who you want to give a reward to

  3. Write a custom message

  4. Send the reward!

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