Zestful makes it easy for Administrators to track company fund transfers or subscription fees, as well as download invoices.

Both can be accomplished from the Billing History tab under My Settings:

Balance transfers vs Zestful fees

  • Balance transfers: Funds pulled from your connected funding source to cover purchases through your employees and their programs.

  • Zestful fees: Subscription fees charged by Zestful for use of the system

Note: If using a credit card to fund your Zestful balance, your card issuer may charge a 3% processing fee for each transfer. We list these clearly on the billing history tab.

Download billing reports

From the billing history tab, you can download a billing report, or an invoice:

  • Billing report: This report outlines each "transaction" for billing purposes, including the type of transaction (transfer or fee) and the exact date

  • Invoice: Invoices are generated month on the first of every month for the prior month. These can be downloaded via PDF if desired.

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