The important thing to understand is that you, the admin, can create allowances to be spent on any category or list of products in our catalog. You have full control when creating these allowances.

Common allowance examples:

  • Fitness/Health - monthly amount to spend on fitness/health products and services
  • Food and drink - Monthly allowance to spend on food and drink, like a meal plan
  • Transit - An allowance to be spent on transit services, such as bus, rail, Uber/Lyft, etc
  • Charity - Give your employees an allowance that can only be used to donate to their favorite charity

Other perk programs we offer:

  • Spot Rewards - Give one-time rewards to individuals or teams for any reason
  • Birthday/Work Anniversary rewards - Automatically give rewards to employees on their special day(s), no manual intervention
  • Peer to Peer Rewards - Give your employees the ability to give rewards to each other
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