So you were invited to Zestful. Welcome! Here's what to expect when creating an account:

Email Invites

All invited employees will receive an email invite from Zestful. Click the button in the email to head over to our site to create your account.

Create Profile

On the account-creation screen, you will need to add:

  • Your name

  • A work email address (the same one you were invited with)

  • A password

Note: If your company uses Single Sign-On, you will not need to enter a password. Your Zestful password will be the same as your SSO credentials.


Your address that we collect will be used for (potentially) two main purposes:

  • Sending your physical Zestful card (Depending on your administrator's settings. Ask your administrator if your card will be shipped to a company address)

Zestful can only send Physical cards to a U.S. address. Talk to your administrator if you have a physical address outside of the U.S.

  • Billing Address - Used for purchases that need to verify an address associated with your Zestful card.

Please note: your settings can be changed once your account is created via the "My Settings" page under your profile image when logged in!

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