Our Slack integration allows you to give Zestful rewards and receive reward notifications to your Slack bot or a public messaging channel.

Learn how to give rewards in Slack, here!

Set up your Slack integration

To set up your Slack integration, follow the steps below!

  1. Head to the company Settings section in Zestful (Admins only)

  2. You will see a tab for Integrations. Head to this tab.

  3. In the list of integrations, select the Slack integration and click Add Integration

4. The Zestful app will ask for permission to connect with your Slack workplace. Please click Allow if you would like to proceed.

Once allowed, your Slack integration will be connected! Rewards will appear in your Slackbot channel any time they are sent to you.

Send Rewards to a public Slack channel

You are able to send rewards to a public Slack channel of your company's choosing. Note that the private messages, as described above, will still be sent even with public channel messaging enabled.

The reward giver and the reward recipient will also be tagged in the message based on their Slack handle!

How to select a public channel:

1. To send rewards to a public channel, head to your Slack integration and click Settings.

2. In your Slack integration settings, turn the toggle ON for the Send reward notifications to a public Slack channel? option.

3. Next, select the channel you want to send reward messages to. Please refresh the Zestful page if you recently created a channel and don't see it listed.

4. Save changes!

Important: All reward messages will now be visible to your organization through that Slack channel. Employees will be made aware of this in the reward-creation step with the following message: 

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