Archiving Employees:

It’s simple to archive an employee! 

  • Go to the “People” tab in your Admin Toolbar 

  • Locate the employee you would like to archive 

  • Click the action tool, or three little dots, associated with the employee’s name and choose the “Archive” option. 

That’s it! The employee will now be archived and any allowances they have received will be returned to the company balance. If they have added any personal funds to their Zestful account, those funds will be returned to the employee's personal bank account. 

Archiving a Pending Employee 

If you would like to archive an employee while their invitation is still pending, simply revoke their invitation, and they will no longer have access to create a Zestful account! 

You will be able to see a list of all archive employees from the “People” page on your Admin site. 

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