Using the master update function when managing your employees will allow you to update your entire master list of employees in one easy step. Here's what will happen:

  • IMPORTANT: Existing employees not found within this upload will be archived in Zestful

  • Existing employees within this upload will remain in Zestful

  • New employees within this upload will be added to Zestful

  • New information within this upload for existing employees will be updated in Zestful (e.g. new first name, last name, team, etc.)


1. Select "New Employee(s) from the main people tab in Zestful. 

2. Select "Master Update" from the invite options.

3. Select whether you want physical Zestful cards for new employees to be shipped to your default company address, or to allow employees to enter their own address. 

Important: We recommend downloading the file template to avoid any errors in your file!

4. Upload your CSV file.

5. The review page will show you:

  • How many employees (and who) are being removed

  • How many new employees you will be adding

  • Total number of employees that are being updated/recognized as already existing in Zestful

6. Hit "Confirm" to finish the upload, or "Cancel" if you need to make changes. 

7. Just in case, you will be asked one last time to confirm the employees you are removing! 

8. Click, "Yes, I'm sure" to finish the upload. 

All newly added employees will now show in the "Pending" section, and any employees that you archived will be shown on the "Archived" tab. 

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