If you or an employee have an email in Zestful that is different than an email in Slack, by default Slack will not be able to recognize the Zestful user, and will not be able to share their reward activity!

How to match emails between Zestful and Slack

If you would like to match a Zestful user's email with a Slack user's, simply:

1. Head to the Slack integrations settings (Admin only. Please contact an admin if you are unable to access this page)

2. Click on the Email mismatches page

3. Here you will see a list of any email in Zestful that did not match to a Slack user when the integration was enabled. Search for a user, based on their Zestful email or name, and enter the email that is associated with their Slack user.

4. Click Match email

5. Zestful will then search for the email, and a confirmation window will pop up to allow you to confirm the match.

6. If you confirm the match, click Yes, confirm and you are good to go!

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