With the Zestful reward feed, all employees can easily see rewards that have been given across their company - whether that be a birthday or work anniversary celebration, or a simple thank you from one team member to another.

How the reward feed works

Every Zestful user will have access to the reward feed, via the Rewards tab on the top navigation (administrators will still have access to the reward history and upcoming rewards tabs as before). 

Once on the feed, easily give a reward from the top of the feed, which brings up the same reward-creation steps as before. 

Each reward post will display:

  • The date of the reward

  • Who gave and received the reward

  • What program the reward was given from (i.e. Peer to peer, Birthday, Work Anniversary, etc.)

  • The message sent with the reward

Feel free to scroll through the feed and see past rewards given (rewards will only display as far back as when the reward feed was rolled out live - in other words, no rewards created prior to the feed existing will be displayed.) No messages related to allowances will show, just rewards.

Important note regarding reward messages

All messages included in rewards will be visible on the feed to other members of your company. That is unless an employee sets their reward message to private - in which case the reward message will only be visible to the reward giver and recipient(s). Learn more about sending reward messages privately, here!

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