You may be wondering what it means when we say “Merchant ID,” and why it can cause your Zestful card to decline. 🤔

A merchant ID is the specific ID vendors are given from Visa to ensure transactions at their location are recognized and processed through the correct processing systems. Vendor’s merchant IDs typically contain an abbreviation of the name of the vendor, like this one for Amazon:

You may have experienced a decline on your Zestful account and noticed the reason was “Unknown Merchant.” Unfortunately, merchants can change their merchant ID at any time, making the one we have listed in Zestful obsolete. Other times you might be trying to make a purchase at a vendor located in a shopping mall or shopping center and their merchant ID will actually follow the shopping center and not the vendor itself. 🙈

Here is what a purchase on Lululemon’s online store will look like: 

Here is what a transaction at a Lululemon located in a mall might look like:

If you experience a decline due to Unknown Merchant don’t fret! We monitor all declines that come through and proactively try to update merchant IDs when we can. Please reach out to Zestful support via chat or at and we’ll be sure to get that updated for you right away! 😁

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