1. Activate your Zestful Account! 

Check your email and accept the invitation to your company’s Zestful platform!

You’ll be asked to provide your name, email address, and shipping address. Then, it’s time to start exploring your Zestful account and become familiar with the platform! 🎉

2. Your Zestful Cards!

You will receive both a physical and virtual Zestful card that can be used on purchases through the vendors on the Zestful platform!

3. Understanding your Zestful Balance

Each Zestful balance is different and can be made up of several different allowances. For example, you might notice you have a $100.00 balance; however, that is divided among categories, such as $20 for Fitness and Health, $40 for Food and Drink, and $60 for Any Product. This what you balance will look like when broken down:  

 As we can see here, the total balance available is $263.05, but $70 of it is designated for Fitness and Health, meaning that $70 can ONLY be used on products in that category. 

Your balances could be set to rollover, or they might expire at the end of each month. Check out this article to tell if your balances rollover or not. If your balances do not roll over, then they will be reset at 11:30 PM MST on the final day of each month.

4. What is the Zestful catalog?

The Zestful catalog is made up of over 2,000+ products and services that are available for use with your Zestful card. You can browse the Zestful catalog here, and even favorite products to easily find them in the future.

You can also browse local products in the “Local Products” category. These are products that are local to your region, so while you might have a Starbucks down the street, you will not see that listed in local products as it is a national chain.

5. Why Did My Zestful Card Decline? 🙈

Oh no! Did your Zestful card decline? That's ok, it happens! Check out this article to better understand why your Zestful card may have declined. 

Now you are ready to get started with your Zestful experience!

Pop on over to the Support Center for helpful articles and answers from our Support Team! Happy Zesting! 🎉

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