The first and most important thing you should do when your Zestful card declines is check your transactions! You can find your transaction history in your online account under "Transactions." Click on "Declined Transactions" to get a breakdown of when, where, and why the transaction declined! 

How to Translate your Decline:

The Zestful card is a merchant-based smart debit card, so there is a chance that you will experience a decline. Here are some tips on what could cause a Zestful card to decline and how to avoid them! 

Not in Catalog or Unknown Merchant Decline: these can happen when either a product is not yet in the Zestful catalog, or the merchant ID associated with a product has changed or is different from the merchant ID in the Zestful catalog.

Insufficient Funds Decline: This decline is most common when you have balances that are designated to a different categories, or when your company has a highly customized catalog. You might need to refresh your memory from the “Balance” section of this article, but if you have a $20 balance to be used on Food and Drink and you try to use your Zestful card to buy a shirt, you will receive a decline for insufficient funds. That is never fun, so always be sure to check and understand your balances before making a purchase!

Invalid Zip Code Decline: It happens! When this happens it typically means the wrong zip code was entered, or there are cookies and cache on your web browser that could be auto-filling an incorrect address in the billing field. Double check your billing address in the Settings tab of your Zestful account! 

Decline Does Not Appear: If you are not seeing your transaction or decline listed in your Zestful account, it might mean that something was entered incorrectly. Double-check your card number, expiration date, and CVC, and give it another try! If your card continues to decline reach out to Zestful Support and we'll investigate what is going on! 

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