Apple and Android wallets are a great way to utilize your virtual Zestful card for in-store purchases at vendors who support it! 

Your virtual Zestful card can be found under your "My Cards" tab on your homepage. 

Adding the Zestful Card to an Apple Wallet

  1. Ensure you have Apple Wallet set-up on your phone. This is typically already provided with all new iPhones. 

  2. Open your Apple Wallet on your phone, and click the "+" at the top of the page to add a new card. 

  3. Choose to add a "Credit or Debit Card."

  4. Enter card information by either taking a picture of your physical Zestful card, or by choosing to manually enter card information at the bottom of the screen. You will need to enter your virtual card manually. 

  5. That's it! Now that your Zestful card has been added to your Apple Wallet you can use it by opening your Apple Wallet in-store and tap it to the card reader when making a purchase. Yay technology! 

Adding the Zestful Card to an Android Wallet

  1. Install Android Pay via the Google Play Store

  2. Add a card by using the "+" button, or if you already have a card in your Android Wallet choose to "Add Another Card."

  3. Enter your Zestful card information, and confirm the details. *Note: if you do not have a lock screen set-up on your Android phone you will not be able to add a card to the Android wallet. 

  4. All set! Now you will be able to simply tap your Android phone to a card reader equipped with Android Pay to make purchases in-store. 

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