Zestful allows you to specify particular administrative permissions for your admins in order to customize what functions you want these employees to have.

Types of admin permissions

  • Billing: Access to billing-related functions such as the funding source settings, adding funds, establishing a recurring deposit, and billing/invoice history.

  • Company Settings: Access to company account functions such as integrations, company information, customizing the Zestful website, and cancelling your Zestful account.

  • Manage People: Ability to invite, remove, and manage employees and teams throughout Zestful. Please note, this permission also allows for the management of admins in Zestful.

  • Manage Programs: Ability to create/edit/delete perk programs, as well as generate company-level rewards.

All admins will have access to the admin dashboard page (although some information may be removed), as well as reporting.

How to edit admin permissions

Note: Only an administrator with MANAGE PEOPLE  enabled are allowed to edit other admins.

1. With the appropriate permissions, you will see an Admins tab located on the People page:

2. Once on the Admins tab, you are able to toggle the various permissions for each of your admins. You are also able to remove an admin from this screen. Note: you are unable to remove yourself as an admin, or edit your own admin permissions.

3. If you would like to add another team member as an admin, head to the All employees tab, click the action menu next to an employee, and select Make an admin. They will then appear on the admins page.

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