Use the Zestful command to initiate a reward directly in Slack, whether on your phone or your computer.

Note: The Slack integration must be enabled in Zestful, and you must have a balance to be able to give rewards from (Admin rewards, or Peer to peer reward programs).

Important first step: As an admin, be sure to log into Zestful and update your Slack permissions to enable this feature from the Slack integration settings: 

1. In Slack, from any channel, simply initiate the Zestful command: 

2. The command must contain a recipient's Slack handle, and a message.
3. Once initiated, the reward form will pop and ask for: 

  • A program to give your reward from
  • How much you would like to give each recipient
  • Whether you want the message to be public or private (this will also be reflected in the reward activity feed in Zestful)

4. When ready, click Submit!

The reward will now display in the reward channel as selected by your admin for the initial integration. 

Happy giving!

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