If you have a Manager Reward balance to give in the form of rewards to others, you will see a separate balance (or multiple) on the top right of your screen - this balance is separate from your personal balance and can't be spent by you. The name of the balance will be the name of the Manager Reward program.

Clicking that balance will bring up the reward-creation step. Take note of a few key restrictions that may be set by your administrator: 

  • Remaining to give - This is how much you have left in this program for the period, and should match what you see above in your navigation bar.

  • Max per reward - This is the maximum reward amount you are able to send. For example, $5 means you cannot give a single reward for more than $5.

  • Max rewards per person - This is the maximum number of rewards you can give to the same person within the period. For example, 2 means you are unable to give more than 2 rewards to the same person within the period.

Note: The reward generator will give you an error message if you attempt to give a reward that does not adhere to these limits. 

Fill in the remaining fields:

  1. How much you want to give

  2. Who you want to give a reward to

  3. Write a custom message

  4. Send the reward!

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