If you've been a Zestful user for some time, there is a good chance you've tried making a purchase at a location that is not in the Zestful catalog. Despite having almost 5,000 products to choose from, there's always a demand to expand into new markets and neighborhoods so that you can spend your perks on the things you love.

That's where Visa comes in.

Using Visa merchant information to classify products

At Zestful, we are exploring ways to leverage Visa merchant data to classify products, whether they are in the Zestful universe or not.

Going forward, you might see EXPANDED labels next to certain categories within Zestful. This means that we are not only checking whether the product exists in Zestful, but whether the product is classified in this same category by Visa.

What does this mean for Zestful users?

Put simply, if you try to make a purchase at a location (say, a new restaurant) that does not currently exist in Zestful's catalog, the authorization will be approved if Visa recognizes the location as such.

Our hope is to reduce the number of potential declines you may have, and not require you to request products to be added. If the category says it is EXPANDED, we will perform a second check with Visa, and approve the transaction if it fits the category that you have a Perk balance for.

Stay tuned for future improvements and updates, as we continue to explore new ways of making Zestful a better purchasing experience for you!

Expanded Categories:

  • Food and Drink: all merchants recognized as a food or drink establishment by Visa are included.

  • Fitness and Health: Only physical fitness locations, like gyms and health clubs, will be covered by Visa categories in the Zestful Catalog. All other Fitness and Health products, like fitness apparel and health supplements, will still need to be requested and processed by the Zestful Team.

Note: This functionality will only exist if your company gives you a balance for "All Products" or for the entire "Food and Drink," and/or "Fitness and Health" categories. This feature will be disabled if your company has customized your perks to a specific set of products or services.

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